Taiga Feedback Please

(Fletcher) #1


Please put all feedback you have about Taiga below, good and bad.

(Joël Lupien) #2

You might want to disable batch import for non-members of the org when you get access. Its a bit too easy to freeze the app :wink:

I’ll let you know of other issues when I get them.

thanks <3

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(Ellie Fagerberg) #3

Quite frankly, I don’t see the use for it. I know that I wouldn’t spend much time keeping it in sync with what I’m doing but others may disagree. I think it would be way better to have some sort of site where everyone could report what they’re working on every week instead.

(Fletcher) #4

The use is to enable specific workflows that are commonly used in software development. Primarily scrum and kanban. It also allows a more macro-level view that is useful for product/project managers. It provides extensive customization with regards to tickets, such as weights and then auto-prioritizing work based on weights and deadlines across projects.

If those are not things a team uses, then it is pointless overhead.

The weekly updates idea is a good one, and can easily be done via a mailing list. However, they usually reach a saturation point where people start ignoring them due to the volume. It is usually at this point you need a dedicated person to keep teams in sync and on the collective roadmap.

(Joël Lupien) #5

It works great and its better for longer term project than github issues because you can have people assign themselves to tasks.