Team Meeting #1 - 2019-04-27

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

With the influx of contributions in the past few days we’ve decided to capitalize on our momentum by having our first team meeting this weekend, at the following time:


Unfortunately the time that worked best for myself and @khskarl isn’t going to work well for any North Americans who’d be interested in joining. We’ll try to make up for that the next time we do one of these.

Draft agenda

  • Refresher on project agenda and short to long term vision
    • What’s our goal for the next 1, 3 and 12 months.
  • settling on an initial 0.0.1 release
  • coordination with Amethyst releases
  • contribution standards (claiming issues, commit practices, tests)
  • art direction

Meeting notes 2019-04-26

In attendance:


Short to long term vision of Evolution Island

goals for the next 1, 3 and 6++ months.
Long term vision

Art direction

Pixelated sprites for now
2D for the foreseeable future
Always a focus on procedural generation

The unlikely prospect of money

We’ll eventually start charging for something
Money will go to Amethyst foundation first

Other topics

  • semver
  • coordination with Amethyst releases
  • contribution standards (claiming issues, commit practices, tests
  • master doc



Goal setting for 2019

Next week: v0.0.1 pre-alpha

We will tag a release of what we have merged in and working right now, just to get our versioning story started. We’re not planning on widely advertising this release.

1-2 months: MVP v0.1.0 (first alpha release)

  • Completed MVP spec
  • Playable game executable

2-3 months: v0.2.0 (can overlap with the previous development phase)

  • First art pass
  • First audio pass

3-6 months: v0.X.0 releases

Now we can start adding layer upon layer over our minimal core of gameplay. We will incrementally add complexity to our existing game components. We won’t take large leaps unless they can be boosted by prior work.

  • Weather & day/night cycles
  • More creature types
  • More complex map layout
  • More complex steering behaviors (e.g. flocking)
  • More complex AI behaviors (see Jaynus’ GOAP). We’ll only use what’s available to us.

>6 months - ???

  • Mimicking behavior dynamics as observed in nature documentaries

Crazy pants long term vision

It all started with nature documentaries. Perfectly describing and emulating a tiger is incredibly hard, but mimicking the macro-behavior of a tiger in a restricted living habitat is very doable.

Evolution Island is a playground.

We’re building a specific game because that’s the easiest way to head in any specific direction, but we want our work to be as remixable as possible.

We’re gonna develop this game the open source way.

Release early, release often. (Provided we come up with a low-friction release process).

Not inventing Amethyst features but rather proving them.

Art Direction

We will use the and libraries for our first attempt at a art pass. The main goal is to just come up with a consistent look. We also want to start experimenting with procedural generation (sprite-gen) as early as possible.

Later iterations of this game will be able to let creatures mutate and change. The only way we can support that mechanic with aesthetics to match is by procedurally generating the art assets for our creatures. We’d love to talk to technical artists who’d enjoy playing with sprite-gen and suggesting/speccing enhancements for it.

2D will be our only display format for the foreseeable future. 3D can happen, but it’d require someone (probably more than one) to drive it.


We’ll eventually start charging for something.

Any money we make, which we will assume to be 0$, will go directly to the Amethyst foundation. The best we can hope for in our earliest iterations is coffee-money levels of income, and there’s no point in attempting to distribute that between a team of contributors.

Other topics


We wanna do it. We will write a basic doc that outlines how we see semver working for game development, answering questions such as “is a balance change a PATCH version?” (yes).

Coordination with Amethyst releases

We will target Stable Amethyst, not nightlies.

We will create a roadmap for Evoli that’s complementary to the Amethyst roadmap. For example, since the 0.12 release of Amethyst will focus on WASM we will commit to having a WASM-friendly game ready by the time 0.12 is stable.

Contribution Standards

We need to write up some contribution standards now that our project is growing and an increasing amount of would-be contributors are considering getting involved.

How long can you claim an issue for?

Best practices for PRs

Writing tests

Documenting code

Master docs

You might hear about Evolution Island from Discord, Discourse, GitHub, Reddit or elsewhere. All major Evolution Island communications should link back to (and be linked to from) a Master Doc. We need a “Start here” for people who’re interested in getting up to speed on the whole thing.

Team Meeting #2 - 2019-05-11
Evoli: MVP implementation tracker
(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

In preparation for the meeting I’ve also made public two of my docs regarding Amethyst sustainability plans.

Please read these before attending the meeting.

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Topic has been updated with meeting notes.

Right now I’m working on a master doc for Evolution Island.