Team Meeting #2 - 2019-05-11

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

Continuing the discussion from Team Meeting #1 - 2019-04-27:

I’m thinking we’ll do another team meeting in about a week. We’ve got more contributors getting involved so we need to talk more about development practices and good workflows.

Draft agenda will soon follow; feel free to start editing your own agenda items in.

For the date and time I’m tentatively thinking around 2019-05-11T20:00:00Z2019-05-11T21:00:00Z

Anyone is free to attend as long as they’re there to discuss our agenda, or just quietly observe.

Can you attend?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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If there’s a lot of maybes I’ll follow up with a time planner process.

Meeting link:


  • Planning the v0.1.0 release

    • what does “ready for release” look like?
  • What comes next

    • making use of what we’ve got. Not adding too many new game features from v0.1.0 to v0.2.0. Mostly focus on extension of existing features.
    • determinism?
    • documentation?
    • every team member should get to include one major feature)
  • louder call for contributors

    • reddit etc. Very public
    • Creature additions as a default starter task.
  • State of onboarding and dev conventions

    • as far as I can tell we’re in a good spot
  • Other


(Marco Fruhwirth) #2

Unfortunately I have to change to ‘Maybe’ because we are moving some appointments due to the bad weather here :frowning:
I’ll try to write down my related thoughts tomorrow in case I won’t make it.

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(Marco Fruhwirth) #3

Here some notes:

  • To ‘properly’ finish the MVP, we need to visualize the different steering behaviours so that we can tune accordingly. It will probably take some time to fine tune them
  • It would be great to generate ‘example’ situations that we can start the app into, for testing and demo purposes. For that we would need to be (close to) deterministic.
  • I think it is fine if we don’t make Evoli playable for the MVP, but it should be our goal for 0.2.0
  • I think onboarding will be fine as long as the team doesn’t take too long in #showcase_team to respond. If there is a contributer who opens their first or second PR, we can already approach them via discord.
  • Dev conventions can stay ‘undefined’ or loosely defined. We will flesh them out as we see need, but since Evoli is not a library it doesn’t hurt so much to have less tests. We would need to have integration tests and those are very hard to write correctly and fragile. The systems individually are easy to test, but the interesting part is putting them together…
  • The only important part regarding dev conventions is to have small PR and split up work accordingly.
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(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

Let’s do it “properly” in v0.2.0 :wink:

Yes! I’m glad this discussion has come up. Will bring it up in the meeting.


(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

Meeting link: