Team Meeting #3 - 2019-06-14

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

Continuing the discussion from Team Meeting #2 - 2019-05-11:

Our next team meeting is scheduled for tomorrow next week, Friday. Anyone is free to attend as long as they’re there to discuss our agenda, or just quietly observe.


  • I will attend
  • I’d like to attend but I can’t

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Meeting link


  • Erlend will do a quick verbal summary of the Oslo meetup
  • Getting back into the habit of posting publicly (we’ve been interacting a bit too much in our private group chat)
  • Karl will talk at more length about the technical art direction he’s been pondering
  • Marco & Victor will discuss the implications of our new boids behaviours
  • Should we start using the latest master of Amethyst? Effectively v0.11RC
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Evoli: Art direction
(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Meeting Notes

Oslo Meetup

More public posting

We’ve been interacting too much in our private group chat. Progress updates and design discussions that would be of great interest to the general public aren’t getting out. We have to change our default mode of communication to public-first.

Art direction: Going 3D :dark_sunglasses:

Implications of boids

In short, we’re not too worried. It can co-exist quite harmoniously with our existing steering behaviors.

Using Amethyst master

As the stable release of 0.11 is mere hours/days away at this point, we’re comfortable targeting master in order to get an early start on the transition.

We’d love more eyes on this PR:

We also concluded it would be great for projects such as ours if Amethyst had a concept of Beta releases coming out several weeks before the final stable, so that we can opt to target a stable enough release that includes major changes we’d like to be early adopters of. Will expand upon this in a dedicated topic following the 0.11 release.