The prospect of playing Evoli as a crowd-play experience

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

The way I’ve outlined the interaction flow for Evoli would actually lend itself really well to “crowdsourced play”, which I think is best demonstrated by “Twitch play’s Pokémon”

Evoli’s slow-paced (by default) “one input every 20 seconds” works very well with this model of play. Interfacing with it through twitch would probably be the easiest way to get it working, but once we have WASM support we could conceivably build this entire experience into the game. The chat interface could “easily” be built on top of an existing chat API.

This wouldn’t be the only way to play the game. In fact, we’ll probably be focusing on nailing the single-player experience before anything else. But I can imagine this being a very effective way to demo and showcase the game, e.g. on

(Karll) #2

That’s a really great idea!

Sounds like a mix between TPP and “.io” games.
Even more if we play with the idea of adding a competitive aspect to it, something like: each team gets one “input” per turn and they fight for evolving the world how they want.