This week in Amethyst

(Thomas Schaller) #1

This thread serves to collect data for the newsletter. Every team should comment here to add their part.

There will be one comment for every week, and then more comments can follow for wishes what should be integrated. That stuff should then be copied into the post by moderators.


(Thomas Schaller) #2

This week in Amethyst 15

Content of this issue:

  • Recent changes
  • Current work
  • Interesting discussions
  • Call for participation

Recent changes

Current work

Interesting discussions

RFCs / issues / forum discussions:

  • About the simplicity issue

Call for participation

List issues to work on here:


(Lucio Franco) #3

There are a few new RFCs that could use a mention and some old ones that could use a bump.

Announce 0.1.0 of laminar and its now integrated into amethyst.

I will think of more, this weekend.


(Lucio Franco) #4

also don’t forget, new LOGO!

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