UI driven games?


TLDR; Can Amethyst be used to build something like Aurora 4x? If not, how far is it on the roadmap?

I’m looking for an engine to build simulation heavy game choke full of UI elements. While Azul would be a natural choice for this, I’d love to also benefit from various other Amethyst subsystems: state, sound & resource management, ECS, etc.

I had already finished Pong tutorial couple months ago and after some downtime I’m back at wrapping up my investigation. Amethyst is great fun to use and is my preferred choice – and at my pace it will be another couple months before design doc is ready – but I realize that its UI component is under heavy flux.

So it boils down to a question: Where is amethyst_ui in the priority list? As well as, forgive my ignorance, but where can I find Amethyst’s roadmap? GitHub milestones aren’t quite comprehensive.


(Joël Lupien) #2

Amethyst ui is high in the priority list. As for the feature set we are planning, we actually took inspiration from various ui heavy games, including a 4x one. See the rfc here: https://github.com/amethyst/rfcs/issues/10

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I have seen the RFC and was both excited and impressed by deliberation taken by the team. I went on to check related issues in the tracker, and indeed there’s more than I remember from before. Thanks and looking forward to playing with the toolkit!

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