(Un)official Amethyst AI path finding plugin

(Patryk Budzyński) #1

Hi Rustaceans!
I’ve created an AI navigation plugin and wanted to inform that you may be interrested in testing and using it :slight_smile:

Feel free to leave a note about how i can improve it to fit your needs :smiley:

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

I’ve never used navmesh but my understanding was that its most novel applications came into play with 3D.

(I remember seeing some really cool demos from https://github.com/recastnavigation/recastnavigation)

I’m interested to know more about the applications for 2D games.

(Patryk Budzyński) #3

it’s more efficient than A* on grid because you don’t have to search through a lot of grid cells - most of the time you will be only searching through small amount of triangles.
another situation, where you have isometric game view, where you have different levels (for example multi-story tower) and now you don’t have to do complex calculations and checking if on your grid cell where you stand is a cell for second floor, or you are on the street behind building - you just do a 3D navmesh or multiple navmeshes for each floor and add portals to move through them (portals integrated with navmesh will be added next to this crate).

(Zicklag) #4

Awesome! I’m not ready to try it out yet, but once I get furthur into making a game I’ll definitely give it a go. :+1:

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