Uncertain as to which engine I should use

Hi folks! I have been spending my free time over the past couple of weeks looking around the rust game dev ecosystem and I want to find an engine that I can use to work on some small projects when I have time.

I really like the look of Amethyst, but the impending Legion migration has me wondering whether it is better to wait until the migration is complete to really hop in. I have been looking around the forum and skimming the Legion RFC to get an idea of when it looks like it will be completed.

There are other projects and engines that look interesting that I can look into in the meantime, but I want to get an idea of what the situation is with Amethyst right now.

Basically, what I am wondering is whether it makes sense to wait until the migration is complete to start using Amethyst, or whether I should hop in and then re-learn the ECS stuff after the migration is complete?


It would definitely be helpful for folks to have an update on Legion progress. /cc @chemicstry @jojolepro


Waiting until the end of the legion migration would be a smart choice. Feel free to help out with the migration, this could be a good learning experience! <3