Value in Open - a podcast about doing open source for a living

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

:point_up: This a podcast I am doing with the support of my employer. Hope you don’t mind the little bit of self-promotion here, but this content happens to be very relevant to what we’re trying to do with Amethyst as well. I hope some of you will listen to it! :blush:

Right now it’s on ProductHunt, and your votes could really make a huge difference for the posting’s reach.

This is in many ways a continuation of my other #business posts:

(Nathan) #2

Upvoted! Listening right now. I’d love to work on Amethyst full time. I used to think that wasn’t even a possibility, but just today I ran into both this podcast and the fact that Blender has enough sponsors that they employ ~20 full time developers. Crazy awesome!

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