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(Joël Lupien) #23


Yes :slight_smile:

You can pretty much take any issue that is not already claimed and that doesn’t have any associated rfc.

Feel free to ask questions on discord, here or on github if you need help!

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(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #24

Our showcase game Evoli can also be a good way to get your feet wet :point_down:

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Thank you both, @jojolepro and @erlend_sh for your replies, those were helpful! We may make evoli our first commit because we’re pretty familiar with basic gameplay engineering, though still deciding - we’ll likely begin work in July.

Thanks again!

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(Rob Stuglik) #26

Hello everyone,

I’m very inexperienced with programming, never been employed as a programmer, but I’d like to switch over so Im learning Rust on my off time. Amethyst seems like a great way to learn, and I’m happy you’re all here posting.

edit: Im also on the discord

(OvermindDL1) #27

Huh, no clue how I haven’t spoken here yet… ^.^;

Well I’ve been programming for about 35 years, started with assembly (on commodore systems) and basica (IBM 8088 systems), of course made little tiny games in basica and qbasic as a kid. Eventually hit pascal, then C, then C++ for about a decade, then the Internet came out and started learning about every language I could, C++ remained my love and best language (some of my old code and PR’s still exist in (very-)often-used libraries out). Eventually got jobs doing programming as a side, then my primary work. Currently working in/as I.T./Admin/Teaching at a low-income college as the only programmer for back-end systems here.

Made dozens of game engines for varieties of styles over the past ~25 years, culminated in my main big ECS C++ engine combined from a dozen things (SDL1 with OGL2, eventually SDL2 with OGL4, a horror of an input back-end but it supported even multiple keyboards on windows if you ran it with admin, obviously not recommended, etc…) all glued together with an ECS built up and modified and changed over time, highly scriptable, made lots of little demo games in it, nothing really released short of to close friends (I really really hate releasing unfinished things, or even talking about them, I’ve “mostly” gotten over that in my older age though as my public github slowly grows to a fraction of the size of my old cvs/svn server). I first saw amythest being developed a year (or two?) back and become a bit vocal about pushing certain ECS ideas into it as I wanted Amythest to replace my old C++ engine in capabilities (significant performance and moddability was my goals), unsure how much I actually influenced if any, but it was nice to get things I learned and did from my old engine out into the public. ^.^

/me still thinks Amythest needs an Atom64 type like my old engine had, eases scripting interfaces so much while being fast…