What does your “ECS success story” sound like?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

I asked this of @webshinra in private already when we talked about how their game might appear in a amethyst.rs/showcase section.

It occurred to me that this question should be directed at everyone who’s using Amethyst and/or Specs right now to make something.

Tell us about the way(s) in which the ECS paradigm has benefited your developer experience.

“ECS” here could easily be replaced with “Amethyst” later for another, more general survey. Right now I want to narrow it to ECS stories.

I know the devs of the @evoli_team will have something to say here before long, as we’re always trying to experiment with novel use cases of ECS. Pretty sure @jaynus is sitting on some good applications of ECS. No doubt there are many others with good success stories to tell. Please share them here.

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(doomy) #2

I posted this in Discord, but I’d like to share here too!

I am so in love with specs now that I’ve been really working at learning amethyst. It’s so weird how much faster it seems to be to change/add a feature with systems to the point that I didn’t expect to be done with something and it just worked ™

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