Where Does 3D Rendering Sit in Amethyst's Priorities?

(Zicklag) #1

Me and my team have plans to make a 3D FPS game with Amethyst and are planning on contributing to Amethyst as we need to to get it to the point where it can support our game, but something that will be a larger obstacle to us is renderer programming because we don’t have a lot of experience in that yet. As such I wanted to get a general idea of where 3D rendering sits on the Amethyst team’s priorities.

On the GitHub roadmap doc I see that “Graphical capabilities on par with the most popular engines (shoot for Unity/Godot)” is in the “Planned Features” which is perfect, but I would like to know if there are any timelines on when that might be finished. I understand that timelines are rough when running on volunteer work so I’m just looking for a rough estimate or a relative priority compared to the other planned features.


You can check Rendy that it’s the new rendering engine that will be integrated in the next Amethyst release, also there’s an interesting project (that if I’m not mistaked, will be integrated in amethyst too) called Rendy PBR. Maybe a more active Amehyst user can tell you more about it, I’m following more or less the development.

Hope this solve some of your doubts.

(Zicklag) #3

Thanks. I’m not actually worried about it, I just want to know a little bit about what the roadmap looks like for it so that I can plan more effectively for my project.

(Gray Olson) #4

Most of the rendering team is currently working on fixing bugs and then gettin game OpenGL/WebGL support working for our MOSS grant project.

However, personally, graphical fidelity is high on my priority list (it’s the main thing I’m interested in working on, and I made rendy-pbr partially as a testbed for future use in amethyst). But… I’m currently participating in GSoC for another project and so my time is super limited until late August. I would suspect that developments in the graphical fidelity department will be relatively slow until then. That will hopefully be around the time that the webgl project is wrapping up as well, so at that point improving graphical fildeltiy will be going up the priority list significantly.

(Zicklag) #5

That sounds great. Thanks for the info. :smiley:

(Kel) #6

just posting to say rendy-pbr is super cool