Why are you here? (Personal stories of arrival)

I’m here because I accidentally became a Rust integrist, preventing me from doing anything serious in another language. I wanted to make a game and Piston just wasn’t there. Somebody pointed me to Amethyst. “But there’s no mobile support” I say. “You can always contribute” he says. Hi!

Now I do it for the sake of making quality software and the future.


I am here to help create a good open source alternative to commercial or proprietary in-house game engines for mid- to large-sized game teams in the long term. I would like to focus on real-world game team use-cases and improve on existing tooling where possible for a smoother collaborative process. I would like to see Amethyst successfully scale to utilize all of the available hardware that a team has available to reduce iteration time and unnecessarily wasted content creator time.

Like others, I enjoy that Amethyst hasn’t locked itself into poor design choices and has high ambitions that look towards the future. I would like to try to keep it possible for commercial users of Amethyst to contribute specific use-cases or changes back into the open source ecosystem, to help the next group tackling a similar problem. Commercial game development is far too proprietary and closed currently, with very little sharing and I’d like that to change.


Well, there are multiple reasons.

Firstly, I was not satisfied with the existing game engines. I don‘t remember all of the reasons why I didn‘t like them, but among the reasons are

  • too obscure
  • heavy use of macros
  • no / bad modding support
  • too little control over the engine
  • bad Linux support

Secondly, I simply love the creative process of creating both APIs and games. And Amethyst is just a great opportunity to learn from each other while doing just that.

And thirdly, I think Amethyst has A) a solid foundation (Rust, ECS, Open Source, permissive license) and B) on top of that a design that allows for great flexibility. That’s why I’ve chosen Amethyst.


I feel like this is similar to the Vorlon vs. Shadows question from Babylon 5: Who are you?, What do you want?

Two reasons:

  1. I like building game engines. Most of my professional experience has been on the services and infra side building very large scale stuff. I want to work on the opposite side for awhile.
  2. To figure out where I should be, once I’m recovered.

I grew up writing games and studying game engines. I also don’t think I’m the best programmer I could be. I hope that by spending time around code written by people more wise than myself, and writing some more code of my own, all on something I find interesting, I might become a better engineer. Being a better engineer for better employment opportunities and more importantly for hopefully bringing better software into the world.


I am here because I like videos games but hate building them, so I had to satisfy my curious quench for understanding how they are built and landed into game engines. I’ve always loved the complexity and the vast amount of surface for creative growth that building a game engines provide. Besides that I am huge on open source software and rust, so amethyst kind of turned out to be perfect. It has grown a lot since the original days but it has always been as promising. Now we just have an even more awesome team working on it. I am really looking forward to see where amethyst as an organization will go.


When I first came into the Amethyst Discord, my goal was to consume Amethyst for my virtual tabletop platform. One of the first things I noticed, as someone who’s bounced around Discord helping various communities, was that there was a lack of solid Discord-savviness. I figured it would be as I’ve done a dozen times before: join the ranks, advise on community structure, help keep the community stable. It’s turned out very different from that.

As I’ve been waiting (enthusiastically watching progress) for the new renderer module, I’ve seen opportunity to help Amethyst work through growing pains, as an Organization. I’m not as confident of a developer as I could be, so I want to do for Amethyst what I can.


Firstly, really good topic. It is very cool to see why everybody is on the project.

I ended up here because it looked like Haxe wasn’t going to be able to perform well enough to handle the very large and high performance games that my team has dreams of making.

I had recently gotten into Rust and I couldn’t belive there was finally a valid replacement for C/C++. I knew that it had to be the perfect language to make a game engine in. After using Armory3D and loving the Blender integration, my team decided that the perfect game engine would be a fully Blender integrated engine that was written in Rust. After discovering ECS and looking into Amethyst, it appeared that Amethyst had a lot of the same goals that me and my team had for an engine. The only thing missing was Blender. That led to the creation of the Arsenal project.

Me and my team hope that Arsenal can come to compete with big name game engines and provide an engine that is as easy to use as possible, but does not limit what you can accomplish with it in terms of scale or performance. And there should be no royalties or fees of any kind.

Using Amethyst in our efforts to build an engine means that we get to work with engineers and a community that is way bigger than just our team. There is some amazing work being done here and we are excited to get to be a part of it.

More generally, though, I’m here to glorify my Father God and to do his will. All my tallents and abilities are gifts and I owe them to Him.


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Fine with me

I’m here because I see Rust as an incredible opportunity for the games industry. C++ has serious scaling issues with large teams and complex projects. Ever since the game industry existed, the rate of progression in technology and expectations of consumers has grown exponentially. As a member in the industry, I think it’s important to be asking, “what would it take to build games that are 10x more ambitious than what we build today?”

To me, Rust is one (of many) parts of answering that question. On the tech side, we need safer ways to share code and more reliable tools for all members of the team delivered more quickly. (I also think AI/ML to help content creators be 10x more productive is part of the equation)

All that being said, I don’t expect amethyst to deliver on that vision, nor does it need to. I think it’s better left to companies with 1000s of employees. However, Rust needs to be successful first at smaller scale. There also needs to be some sort of migration path that avoids rewriting entire engines. So my personal goal is to evaluate if Rust can deliver on some of the above-mentioned ideas, and if it can, what options are available to make such a transition.

As to why I’m here, I think there’s a lot of knowledge-sharing opportunity. I probably won’t be using amethyst directly myself, but I do use a number of key crates (legion, atelier, gltf.) I’ve benefited from this and would love to share what I can back.

Second reason: this community is full of amazing and nice people. :slight_smile:


Excellent topic! I really enjoyed reading everyone’s why’s. I gave an introduction of myself here. This part of it is relevant to my “why”:

I’m here because:

  • I love Rust, and want to use it to build interesting things
  • I keep coming back to games, even though I’ve never produced a “successful” one (where I define success as enjoyable enough that folks want to play it).
  • I hit limitations and bugs in every game engine I use, and either I don’t have access to the source, or the source is millions of lines of C++, and I don’t want to use C++. I tried really hard to like C++, but I just…can’t.
  • I want to run my own small software company someday
  • I see Amethyst as a compelling project that is fun to be involved with (already!), enjoyable to use (soon), and will be a reliable base to build some actual software product on someday.

On that last bit about “my own company…to build some actual software product on someday” – I speculate that it is equally likely that I manage to produce an actual game, or I veer off into some value-add to the engine along the lines of commercial support or console bindings, or some other software product that uses the capabilities of the engine for some other purpose (I keep wishing I could visualize the data flowing through my services in real time at my day job, for example). The part that I’m absolutely sure about is that it will be with a small team of people who love working together to make something people love to use. Then the idea is to enjoy cultivating products like that with the small group for the rest of my life. That’s the dream, anyway. If we are able to leverage Amethyst, then I expect to be around contributing back to the community for a long time.

I’ve decided to focus on contributing directly to Amethyst for a year or two in hopes of helping it succeed and putting another piece of the “small company” puzzle into place. I’ve been chasing this “small company” dream very slowly for ~14 years already, and I’ve had some of my other long-term bets pay off (learning Rust is one!). Hopefully Amethyst will be another piece of the puzzle. If not, well…I’m already enjoying interacting with this community and contributing, and that’s worthwhile by itself!

:100: We are so blessed. We have a responsibility to develop our talents and use them to bless others.


Interesting, I’ve missed this thread, so here is why I’m here.

The Editor, all about that editor…
For the last 10 years or so, I’ve increasingly understood the importance of an editor, not only am I disappointed what like Unity, Unreal has to offer in terms of tools, but how shallow and how quickly you hit the dead end of artistic/creative depth.

Amethyst not only has the performance I was looking for, but it’s also not using C/C++.
Amethyst does not have an editor yet, which I’m extremely honored to be working on now, and it will allow me to drive new features witch I feel there has always been a need for.

this is ultimately something I can feel is a driving force and bottom line for me in the next 10 years if not more.

Brand and visual experience
While our website is ok for where the project is, I believe there is more work to be done, which I’m currently pushing a new website to fix some of these issues.

I’ve loved the community that has grown around the project, not only are we understanding and loving, but also help further each other on all levels of experience.

there is probably more I could list here, but that’s the birds-eye perspective on why I’m here.


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I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I’m here because I love Rust, and Amethyst is the best option for Rust gamedev if you don’t want to cobble together your own engine from libraries (maybe aside from Godot, but I don’t want to write a bunch of FFI). Amethyst also strikes a good balance with modularity, so I can mostly take or leave any feature I want without bloat. That plus data-driven design, a solid ECS architecture, (apparent) focus on writing clean, tested coded. That’s the sweet spot for me.

I also want most of the code that I write while creating a game to be open sourced to serve the Rust gamedev community. That’s mostly going to be 3D voxel stuff for me. It doesn’t make sense to me to build a bunch of stuff just for one game and never share the code. I’d rather have everyone contribute to making Amethyst great for a lot of use cases.


Hah, interesting. I think it’s because they are all “filler words” according to the search algorithm. I edited the title to make it a bit more searchable.

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I’m here because I want to fulfill my and my girlfriend’s dream to make a decent non-hackathon style game. We are a developer-artist combo :smiley:

While doing this I wanted to learn something new and eventually discovered Amethyst. This was also my first encounter with rust language. I really liked the ideas of Amethyst and I think that rust is a neat language for game development. Unfortunatelly, I found out that Amethyst is quite lacking features for my game so instead of forking and hacking I decided that I could help improve it. This innevitably delayed my game plans and made me reconsider my choices multiple times, but I’m still going :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to write a fresh one, as a lot has changed since then.

I joined to help do community management things, but I’ve grown attached to the potential of the engine and of the community. It’s been a really bumpy ride, but Amethyst always has people who believe, and it’s hard to not want to help it succeed.

Since I joined, I’ve grown more confident in my abilities, which I have further polished. This community helped me realize what I want of myself as an engineer. Amethyst has become a pillar in my life, a painting in progress that I want to see to the end. And maybe I’ll get the privilege of using it in my Virtual TableTop, Encounter, adding the years of growth here as value to it.

Amethyst has been a journey for me, and I’ve been glad to share it with so many talented people.


Hey! I just signed up after discovering Amethyst on https://arewegameyet.rs/.

I’m here because I want to experiment with making small games and interactive stuff for fun and for my development as an engineer, and I don’t really want to use C, C++, C#. And I like Rust a lot, at least on the face of it (I’ve read the Rust book and fiddled around but I haven’t embarked yet on any real projects using it).

I was attracted to Amethyst because of its design philosophy, which addresses most of the things that have turned me off using monolithic game engines such as Unity, which come with a lot of baggage. The Unity/Unreal style of making software goes against everything I am used to because I have worked almost exclusively in JavaScript so far in my career.

Look forward to it, and hopefully will contribute back to the codebase where I can. :~)


Hey everyone! I discovered Amethyst back in March this year when I decided to experiment developing games using Rust. However, I only just signed up now.

Amethyst was my introduction to ECS and the documentation available made the barrier to developing my first Rust game (a pong clone) very enjoyable. Since then, I’ve made my own small project with sprite animations using Amethyst and have written a blog post about my experience. I’m hoping to get more posts up since learning game development with this game engine has been an enjoyable experience.

I’m looking forward to becoming more involved with community!