Why are you here? (Personal stories of arrival)

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I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I’m here because I love Rust, and Amethyst is the best option for Rust gamedev if you don’t want to cobble together your own engine from libraries (maybe aside from Godot, but I don’t want to write a bunch of FFI). Amethyst also strikes a good balance with modularity, so I can mostly take or leave any feature I want without bloat. That plus data-driven design, a solid ECS architecture, (apparent) focus on writing clean, tested coded. That’s the sweet spot for me.

I also want most of the code that I write while creating a game to be open sourced to serve the Rust gamedev community. That’s mostly going to be 3D voxel stuff for me. It doesn’t make sense to me to build a bunch of stuff just for one game and never share the code. I’d rather have everyone contribute to making Amethyst great for a lot of use cases.


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I’m here because I want to fulfill my and my girlfriend’s dream to make a decent non-hackathon style game. We are a developer-artist combo :smiley:

While doing this I wanted to learn something new and eventually discovered Amethyst. This was also my first encounter with rust language. I really liked the ideas of Amethyst and I think that rust is a neat language for game development. Unfortunatelly, I found out that Amethyst is quite lacking features for my game so instead of forking and hacking I decided that I could help improve it. This innevitably delayed my game plans and made me reconsider my choices multiple times, but I’m still going :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to write a fresh one, as a lot has changed since then.

I joined to help do community management things, but I’ve grown attached to the potential of the engine and of the community. It’s been a really bumpy ride, but Amethyst always has people who believe, and it’s hard to not want to help it succeed.

Since I joined, I’ve grown more confident in my abilities, which I have further polished. This community helped me realize what I want of myself as an engineer. Amethyst has become a pillar in my life, a painting in progress that I want to see to the end. And maybe I’ll get the privilege of using it in my Virtual TableTop, Encounter, adding the years of growth here as value to it.

Amethyst has been a journey for me, and I’ve been glad to share it with so many talented people.


Hey! I just signed up after discovering Amethyst on https://arewegameyet.rs/.

I’m here because I want to experiment with making small games and interactive stuff for fun and for my development as an engineer, and I don’t really want to use C, C++, C#. And I like Rust a lot, at least on the face of it (I’ve read the Rust book and fiddled around but I haven’t embarked yet on any real projects using it).

I was attracted to Amethyst because of its design philosophy, which addresses most of the things that have turned me off using monolithic game engines such as Unity, which come with a lot of baggage. The Unity/Unreal style of making software goes against everything I am used to because I have worked almost exclusively in JavaScript so far in my career.

Look forward to it, and hopefully will contribute back to the codebase where I can. :~)


Hey everyone! I discovered Amethyst back in March this year when I decided to experiment developing games using Rust. However, I only just signed up now.

Amethyst was my introduction to ECS and the documentation available made the barrier to developing my first Rust game (a pong clone) very enjoyable. Since then, I’ve made my own small project with sprite animations using Amethyst and have written a blog post about my experience. I’m hoping to get more posts up since learning game development with this game engine has been an enjoyable experience.

I’m looking forward to becoming more involved with community!