[Wishlist, Brainstorming] ECS Web Dashboard

(Zicklag) #1

Just saw this project on GitHub and thought it looked cool. It would be neat to make something like it for Amethyst.

I’m just brainstorming, but it would be awesome if you made it non-specific to the ECS and created a generic profiling interface for Rust that would allow you to pipe runtime performance data to a dashboard. Maybe just a UI for slog logging data that would interpret specifically structured key-value data from slog entries to create graphs out of it.

I’m using Flame to profile the Arsenal Blender plugin which creates really nice, static flamegraphs, but having a full dashboard could be really cool; something for the wishlist.

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(Kel) #2

also check out: Editor inspiration thread!

The SpatialOS inspector is very powerful at presenting ECS type data