Writing a book about game development in Rust

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

I got in touch with a respected publisher regarding the prospect of making a book. The response was positive:

If you have a proposal for a Rust gaming book by a single author, or a pair of authors working closely, to create a seamless product with a single voice, I would definitely be interested.

This could just as well be a book about general Rust gamedev instead of being specifically about Amethyst. The docs team pointed out some big ticket items still remaining for our docs story:

@khionu said:

  1. Translation semantics/infrastructure. We’re currently signed up for Transifex, but I’m reviewing how we would make use of it, and I’m not even sure it would work for all of our needs. Waiting to hear back from their support to be 100% sure.

  2. Getting the Amethyst book a complete review. It needs to be reviewed for overall flow and structure, and as well as anything that is inconsistent, incomplete, or flat out incorrect as of current versions.

  3. Getting the API documentation up to par. I don’t really know the state of it, as I don’t refer to it that often, but Timon doesn’t seem to think it’s there.

@TimonPost said:

You can make a book about game dev in general but I personally would not go make a book for software under 1.0; Ametyst

I tend to agree, it’s still a bit early for an Amethyst book.

One idea that came to mind was “Making games with ECS and Rust”, as a spiritual successor of https://kyren.github.io/2018/09/14/rustconf-talk.html

(Timon) #2

@jojolepro: “Considering that the ui, renderer, physics and network are all pending full rewrites, I doubt you would want to make a book right now.”